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      • Linguine with Zucchini and Mushrooms

        This recipe is from Tony. He whipped this up one day after work and it was delicious. Tony doesn't measure when he cooks so below you will see the ingredients and you can add as much of each one as you would like! Sometimes things are just better that way anyway!
      • Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

        These banana pancakes turned out to be super delicious! I know, super, not
        a sophisticated description word, but honestly though there is no other way
        to explain them. Maybe you could add a "thumbs up" along with the word
        super. Seriously, the combo of whole w

      • Italian Meatball Soup

        This soup is a nice mix of light and hearty. The broth is rather light, but then you have your hearty meatballs. We used Tony's delicious turkey meatballs for this soup.


        20oz Package of ground turkey
        1 Cup panko bread crumbs

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